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Nothing matters more to us than delivering an outstanding IB education in English, and we are not letting anything get in our way. By switching to continuous, live-streamed teacher-led lessons using world-class technology, we are able to deliver the full IB curriculum, ensuring our students do not miss a moment of learning.

Now you can choose how to visit us. Book your personalised Admissions appointment now to meet our team and see our school; either on-site or online, where you can get to know us and our style of teaching, and we can learn about your child and their needs to enable them to thrive within our school.

As part of that commitment, we will continue to offer all students access to virtual learning, while the school closures due to COVID19 are still in place. However, as our schools remain prepared & ready to transition back to on-site learning, or a hybrid style of learning, we are also conscious that we need to offer flexibility and support to particularly our youngest learners.

As such, we have developed our Pre-School Price Promise, to offer flexi fees & a choice of learning options for our Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Reception students in order to best suit our families’ needs during the COVID19 situation.

Open For Learning for our Students

However long the situation lasts, we are here to make sure no child misses out on a great IB education in English. We are open for learning.

We’ve invested in world-class technology so offer the full learning experience of school, with every lesson delivered live online by our teachers, ensuring students’ learning and aspirations are uninterrupted.

You learn more about virtual learning at Sotogrande International School here

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Live Online Lessons

See what our students say about us

Hello my name is Isla and my virtual school experience has been great so far! here are my highlights.I wake up and have a 10-minute catch up with my teacher and my friends which really makes me happy and committed and I feel ready to start my day. I always feel motivated after this call because I know my plan for the day.Right now I am doing my P6 exhibition and I really enjoy working in a small group and sharing my ideas and listening to my team’s ideas.And my last one, and the one that is the most important to me, is how much support we get from our teachers and how hard they work for the students. Thank you teachers!

Isla P6

Virtual education has been an incredible learning experience for me, while in the beginning, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to manage all my school work at home, as the weeks have progressed I have learnt many valuable life skills. With each class presenting with fun and creative challenges in the education field, in my school hours, I’ve never had a dull moment. From the interactive meetings that we have daily with our teachers and the creative apps that we have been set work on, I can honestly say that being part of this virtual learning experience has helped me grow as a person and as a learner.

Isobel M4

The Coronavirus has undoubtedly posed as a great challenge for families across the globe. In light of this, SIS had to promptly and abruptly adopt and adapt to a virtual educational system, a system that has never been traditionally used as a primary teaching and learning tool up until now – alike thousands of public, private and higher educational schools trying to ensure that their students are provided with the same standard of education in par with their curriculum; in hopes to restore a sense of routine and familiarity during a time of great uncertainty. We, as parents, are incredibly grateful for the support and professionalism demonstrated by SIS’s staff with specific regards to their persistent care for our children on both an academic and emotional level and ensuring that their students are still working in par with the learning objectives of the curriculum. We would like to say thank you to all of the amazing Teachers, Tutors and Heads of School for their admirable dedication they have shown towards our children during these tough weeks ,and possibly months, of virtual schooling. Our son Amir is managing virtual school well thanks to the unconditional support and positivity displayed by his Tutor Mrs Kearney and his teachers. You are all super devoted and an amazing team . #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

Modirzadeh Del Valle parents of an M3 student

We feel incredibly fortunate to be part of the Sotogrande International School ohana (family in Hawaiian).   The school’s approach and performance during this necessary lockdown is simply world-class and amazing.   The school took the time prior to the announcement of the lockdown to prepare for virtual teaching.   They worked tirelessly to ensure that on Day One the students would not miss a beat of school.  They took inputs the first couple days and quickly incorporated them into the program, including adjusting the schedule to accommodate families and teachers.  Not an easy task.   And EVERY DAY, the teachers log-in enthusiastic, positive, and ready to continue to teach the students.   The teachers and staff have gone above and beyond our wildest expectations and I am in awe of their efforts — from transforming their houses in music studios and classrooms, to conducting PE activities inside and providing continuous challenging to keep the kids engaged and active.   We understand this is not a one-for-one replacement for in-person classroom time, but these efforts and instruction are keeping the students on track with a consistent routine and top-notch instruction during this difficult time.   We just can’t thank the school enough, words can’t express our sincere thanks!

The Trevisani Family

See what our parents say about us

Welcome to Sotogrande International School

Sotogrande International School (SIS) is a day and boarding school, which follows the IB programme from 3-18 years. Home to a passionate learning community who inspire and encourage learning and intercultural understanding, promoting education as a force for good in the world. With more than 1000 children from over 45 countries, SIS provides a challenging, nurturing and academically rigorous International Education. Throughout the IB programmes teachers aim to combine academic excellence with extraordinary educational experiences. Embracing the creative use of technology and authentic service experiences students are encouraged to think independently and critically, developing their own unique interests, gifts and talents and taking opportunities to be the best they can be.
We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education, which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding. We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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